Responsible actions

For a clean environment

Sustainable development

Building on concrete and sustainable values is one of our team's largest concerns. From growing to packaging, to the transportation and commercialization, we aim to measure the consequences of our decisions and reduce the impact in terms of our environmental footprint for every action we take.


Since 2011, we've used forest biomass for heating several of our production sites in Quebec. This consists of a firm contractual commitment with the Government of Québec to reduce tens of thousands of tons of GHG every year.


New technologies in tributary recirculation that we use for our crops today, allows us to reuse 100% of the water and optimize this resource to the maximum while reducing our consumption.


We share your concerns to keep packaging to a minimum and reduce waste. Beyond the obvious environmental considerations, the economic advantage is also a beneficial impact. We're also aware that best packaging is obviously no packaging at all.

Some of our products are offered without packing in several grocers, including the Cerizo Bio, the Beefsteak tomatoes and the Grappe vine tomatoes.

The majority of our organic products are transported in a 100% compostable pulp based tray and manufactured in Canada. In regards to plastic wrap, it's also 100% recyclable and made in Canada, just like our shipping containers.

The majority of the large distributors we work with require packaged products. Did you know that packaging lengthens the product's lifespan by at least 10 days? An important aspect for both the environment and the economy.

Producing fruit and then throwing it out is certainly not a sustainable solution.

Just like you, we are looking for solutions that are both effective and beneficial for the environment. We collaborate in our own way for beneficial change.


The social and professional inclusion of people with disabilities is of the utmost importance to us. In the context of a complex and difficult workforce for the employers in Quebec and elsewhere, it's essential to consider the full potential of people affected by a disability, of immigrants and anyone who wants to integrate into the labour market despite their differences.

Community involvement

Community development is key for SAGAMI/SAVOURA/SAVOURA BIO. We are proud to be involved in organizations and associations, through sponsorships, donations and local and regional initiatives, to encourage people in the success and promotion of their projects.