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Our mission

Growing tasty tomatoes and strawberries in greenhouses for Quebec and North American consumers. Discover our commitment!

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Organic farming

In 2011, we established our first organic production greenhouse in Sainte-Sophie, located in the Lower Laurentians region. Later, in 2017, we invested $32 million in Mirabel to expand our production capacity. Currently, we cultivate SAVOURA BIO organic tomatoes on 12 hectares, which has positioned us as one of the largest greenhouse producers of organic tomatoes in North America.

About us

A passionate team of over 450 people dedicated to bringing you tasty greenhouse tomatoes and strawberries!

What we do

Since 1995, we have been greenhouse growers who cultivate conventional and organic tomatoes on 40 hectares across 12 production sites in Quebec. We also began growing strawberries in 2017.

Our history

  • 1995

    Founded by Stephan Roy. Born from the desire to grow fruit in a responsible manner for future generations, the first greenhouse tomatoes were produced in Ste-Sophie in the Lower Laurentians.

  • 2000

    Acquisition of the SAGAMI greenhouses in Saguenay, the most energy efficient greenhouses in Quebec. SAGAMI is the contraction of Saguenay and Piékouagami, two words of Aboriginal origin from a Nation who are present along the shores of the region.

  • 2010

    The first organic tomatoes grown on 1.8 hectares dedicated to the Quebec market is born.

  • 2011

    Four varieties of organic tomatoes are marketed under the Biologico brand (known as Savoura Bio today). The company quickly becomes one of the largest greenhouse tomato producers in North America.

  • 2012

    Acquisition of the Savoura Sainte-Marthe greenhouses.

  • 2013

    Acquisition of the Savoura Mirabel site.

  • 2014

    Acquisition of the Lacoste greenhouses in Charlevoix in December.

  • 2015

    A crucial stage in the company's development with the acquisition of all assets from the Serres du St-Laurent and the legendary Savoura brand , now well known throughout North America.

  • 2016

    Announcement of the new Savoura Bio brand. Launch of a 100% compostable tray, manufactured in Canada.

  • Fall 2017

    Acquisition of Jardins Natures Bio greenhouses in Gaspésie.

    Savoura strawberries grown in Danville now available on the market.

  • 2018

    Investment of 32 million dollars in Mirabel to produce 100% Quebec-grown organic tomatoes. The production surface area expands to 32 hectares, with over 11 hectares for organic growing, thus becoming a North American leader at the heart of their industry.

  • 2019

    President, Stephan Roy, announces the hiring of a Director of Public and Government Affairs affected by cerebral palsy, a prominent position, showing his will to engage as an equal opportunity employer and integrate individuals with disabilities, in addition to people from culturally diverse backgrounds and newcomers to Quebec within the company.

    Savoura Bio organic mini cucumbers grown in Saguenay now available on the market.

Our products are

Grown in Quebec

Laurentides, Montérégie, Saguenay–Lac-Saint-Jean, Mauricie, Capitale-Nationale, Estrie.

6 regions, 12 production sites where more than 450 people work every day.

40 hectares of greenhouse production, 12 organically grown, 365 days per year.

A pledge of high quality

Grown in greenhouses without pesticides and each step treated with the utmost importance.

Our products meet the highest standards of freshness in the food industry.

Fresh and accessible

Enjoy fresh greenhouse-grown tomatoes and strawberries all year round!

From the greenhouse to your local merchant in less than 36 hours, without having to travel thousands of kilometers.

Organic and Environmentally Friendly

SAVOURA and SAVOURA BIO = pesticide-free

100% recycled water and heated with forest biomass in many of our greenhouses.

SAVOURA BIO, a North American reference for organically grown in greenhouses.

Innovating packaging manufactured here in Canada.