SAVOURA : the return of an iconic Quebec brand

08 oct 2015

Sainte-Sophie, QC, October 8, 2015 – Following several months of hard work and a real makeover, Savoura, the famous and iconic brand of tomatoes, is once again available in Quebec’s four major distribution networks. Stéphane Roy, President and CEO of Sagami, which acquired the Savoura brand and the Serres du St-Laurent facilities last April, is justifiably proud of this outstanding achievement. Thus, it will now be easy to find Savoura tomatoes since the Company recently entered into a distribution agreement with Walmart supercentres in Quebec, and as of a few weeks ago, Savoura tomatoes are also available at IGA, Metro and Super C, Loblaws and Provigo Le Marché, as well as several independent Quebec distributors, including PA Alimentation in the Montréal region.
Beautiful and tasty tomatoes

Fans of the Savoura brand will now be able to choose from five high quality products which are now available across Quebec. Thus, in addition to the traditional Beef Savoura tomato, which is sold without packaging, tomato lovers will now be able to get the Cerizo, the Cocktalio, the Tomatrio and the Vignato. “We also revamped the Savoura logo to give it a more modern and streamlined look, and we updated all the variety names and packaging, all while making sure not to lose the essence of the brand that was created in 1988”, said Stéphane Roy. Mr. Roy also commended the efforts of the hundreds of workers who were part of this race against time to achieve this outcome, which the entire company is extremely proud of. Mr. Roy concluded by saying that true tomato lovers will appreciate the freshness and taste of these fruits harvested at their peak and produced right here in Quebec.

About Savoura / Sagami
Founded in Quebec in 1988, Savoura quickly became an iconic brand for consumers. In April of 2015, the Sagami group acquired the Savoura brand after Serres du St-Laurent filed for bankruptcy in February of that same year. With this latest acquisition, Sagami has become the largest greenhouse tomato producer in Quebec with its 26 production hectares spread out across the province. Since 2011, Sagami has also been producing organic tomatoes for the North American market, sold under the Savoura Bio brand name.

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